Who Am I?

http://antiquewarehousemall.com/2012/05/black-jewelry-set/ Who am I? I guess that’s the golden question around here. Although I go by The Small Town Girl online, you’re so welcome to call me Sarah-Louise.

All I know is you've got to do the things you don't want to do before you can love the life you want to. ❤️ You're the best @french_grey_lifestyle

Let’s just say, I didn’t intend to become a writer, but here I am. You may woo me with words, readily capture me with social media or speak to my heart through photography – I love art displayed on every platform, and equally, the voice it gives each user.

One day I nervously started this very blog and was faced with the worst piece of advice: ‘Ask yourself, what’s your niche?’

neurontin capsule cap 300 mg Answer: I don’t have, or want, a niche – I’m me. Oddly, and unexpectedly, that very mantra has flowed through everything I now do.


buy generic accutane online cheap Why? It’s simple really, I want to laugh wholeheartedly and live fully. Above all, I want to be real in a medium lacking substance, even if my interests are paradoxical. So yes – I passionately pursue wholesome living, choosing to naturally nourish my body and challenge my mind by declaring a life of positivity and opportunities.

We live once, let’s make the most of it!

Psst. If you want to contact me, then shimmy here.