Vlog: 24 Hours in Sydney

I write this on such a bittersweet note as I look back at some fantastic memories made in such a beautiful country. They say all good things come to an end, but I’m all too ready to cherish endings and anticipate new beginnings!

With a heavy heart I packed my suitcase, left David’s town and flew back to Sydney for one last jaunt. You know this city holds a special place in my heart that words and videos will never fully convey and that’s okay, because those are the most precious of memories.

So – let me share the end of this journey with you, before the next one begins!

http://huertodelcura.com/tag/menu/ Ps. If you’re ever in Sydney, you gotta go to Bondi Wholefoods http://adkbrothersltd.com/product/illyquore-liqueur-70cl/?add-to-cart=1624 (here). There are a plethora of other restaurants and coffee shops I have to try, but that gives me something to look forward to on my next trip….


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