Vichy Normaderm Cleansing Gel

Luxurious, silky smooth and utterly aromatic – cleansing balms are my absolute jam when it comes to removing the day, so it may come as a surprise when I say I have switched up my routine.

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I’m not hugely adventurous when it comes to makeup, purely because my buying habits have drastically changed – for the better! Long gone are the days when I spontaneously picked up a primer that tickled my fancy, or perhaps an expensive yet totally bland eyeshadow quad.

Now? I live in the age of enlightenment. I aim to strategically buy a collection of products that vary in colour, consistency and brand. Why? Purely because so much money can be wasted on non-essentials, which I believe is worrying given makeup isn’t as fresh when it has been left sitting untouched in your wardrobe for over 18 months. Yikes.

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger Vichy Normaderm Gel Review

I’ll cut a long story short. I’m in a need of a new cleansing balm, but in the meantime picked up this friend to tide me over. Yes, it is totally different in every aspect (colour, consistency, price and ingredients) but I want to share it with you nonetheless.

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger Vichy Normaderm Gel Review

Let’s get to the punchline. The cleanser lives up to the title as it truly is deeply cleansing, so much so my skin feels a little tight after. You’ll find the texture is a light gel that builds into a lovely foam when water is added.

How much? It’s £11 in Boots (here) or cheaper in other online stores here.

Should you buy it? Only if you struggle with oily skin. I have combination skin, meaning most of the time it’s neither particularly oily or dry. However, this product does dry my skin out just a little. Importantly, it’s brilliant at clearing up spots and that ‘oily face’ syndrome that comes after a weekend of indulgence. FYI, also use it on your back if you find you’re plagued with the odd breakout.

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger Vichy Normaderm Gel Review

I am seriously determined to see this bottle to the finish, whilst it has dried my skin out a little, it hasn’t disrupted it or caused any spots. Once the bottle is empty, I’ll be picking up another rich and oh so lavish cleansing balm. If you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum, fighting spots and bouts of greasiness then I encourage you to give this hypoallergenic gel a go. For further opinions, browse the Boots customer reviews!


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