THE monogram scarf every girl needs

Ok, perhaps that’s a little bit of a dramatic introduction but beauty requires attention! Let me say I’m a monogram freak, to the point I own mugs, notebooks, luggage tags, a hairbrush and now, my new beauty, all of which are simply stamped SL or SLB.

So, why do you need it? Yeah, well the question is why wouldn’t you need it?!

Last year a couple of bloggers I follow were gifted the most lovely present, a monogrammed scarf in time for Christmas and trust me, I sat oogling at the screen with envy. Anyway, I missed the boat, they sold out, I was a sad panda – the end.

Well, imagine my joy when Peter abandons me for a wander, much to my convenient delight when
my surroundings happen to be Selfridges. I trot, roam and peruse only to end up on the lower floor picking up random cups, candles and dear only knows what else. Then, there she is. A personalized scarf department – yup, you read that correctly. Dozens of colours and materials to choose from; we’ll call it monogrammed paradise.

My options were cashmere, lambswool or a blend of the two. I wanted the blend but seemingly everyone else did as it was sold out. Then, simply pick your colour; grey, taupe, green, tartan, red, plaid etc and finally, with the help of the sales staff you choose what you want monogrammed, the font style and the colour.

All of the above took about 10 minutes, once ordered the staff ask you to wait 15-20 minutes (provided it isn’t busy) et voila, it’s finished!

Honestly, I can’t tell you how many times I have stroked this simple scarf with pride. The colour is classic and is equally classic ‘me’ as is the font style. You see, the thing is a monogrammed piece makes you feel special; a real seal of approval that ‘this is mine’. Plus, it’s snug and finishes a winter outfit so well with people wondering where this ‘something a lil different’ scarf was bought. Did she commission it? Ha. Did she embroider it herself? Double ha!

Finally, the money. Dollar. Dinero.

buy Neurontin gabapentin How much? My lambs wool scarf is £35, the cashmere starts at around £100. Then add on a charge of £5 per letter monogrammed which brought mine to a total of £50. I’ve disposed of the receipt but I’m almost sure it came to £55, perhaps an extra £5 for the staff to monogram it.

click here femara comprar Is it worth it? Yes! Gosh, it’s so timeless, unique and pretty. I’m in love, as you will be too.

click Where can I buy it? Unfortunately only in-store on the lower ground floor of Selfridges London or alternatively in the other Selfridges stores across the UK. Be quick though, I think this is just a seasonal offer! Happy monogramming.


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