Shopping: 5 special questions & finding your perfect outfit

We’ll call it the perpetual quest for the perfect outfit. I walked into Zara two years ago and found the most fantastic shirt; it’s white, is cut so perfectly, finished with elegant gold buttons and just screams luxe without the reflective price tag. buy Lyrica Will I ever find her twin? Doubtful.

I’ve a t-shirt from Topshop also from roughly two years ago, it’s brilliant quality and is the perrrrrfect cut. By this I mean it doesn’t have some whacky neckline, nasty over-embellishment or a scalloped hem. Simply put, it’s a perfect grey t-shirt that’s versatile, stylish and effortless. Will I ever find her twin? No, not in Topshop anyway. Yeah, I could buy as close to it as possible from high-end or premium vendors but buy prednisone steroids £60 upwards for a bog standard t-shirt is excessive.


I’m carefree yet fussy, a bit of a paradox but I know what I want and yet so often I don’t find it. So please believe me when I say I genuinely believe we deserve the quality and style of premium level designers nootropil español online but at a low/mid-range price.

Please tell me you have also walked into a store, felt an item, looked at the price tag and reacted accordingly, exclaiming – £180 for THAT? I’m not embarrassed to admit it because we are all too frequently ripped off. The majority of us don’t understand enough about the manufacturing side of the business, and that’s ok – we have lives to live, but our lack of knowledge often leads to our misunderstanding of how items really SHOULD be priced, so we instead take price points with a pinch of salt and call it a day.

Side note: let’s be real, I LOVE J Crew but a lot of the time the price tag honestly is not reflective of the quality of the item. Why? Well, part brand image and part financial; brands like that have stores to fund, high volumes of staff to pay, ad campaigns and a plethora of other outlets demanding cash. So whilst the product is not worth the £150 price tag, it is a necessity to keep the entire brand ‘operation’ afloat.

All of this rambling comes from being the daughter of a retailer, when something isn’t available you start to question: why? You dig holes, dig a little deeper and get a little curious – which is a good thing!

So here comes the favour (I’m flaunting cyber puppy eyes right now ok), out of interest would you please answer a few questions below? It doesn’t matter what age you are, where you shop or how little/much money you spend; in fact, the more diversity the better. Yay for diversity!

Pst. Answer the questions in a comment below please. 

1. When shopping what do you feel is not available or isn’t available at a good price point? Ie. A jumper that’s soft cosy material that isn’t cropped/a flattering daywear dress/a classic coat that doesn’t cost a £400/good quality basics that don’t make you look fat etc.

2. Where do you normally spend most of your money on clothes? Please name the stores & brands.

3. What is the most you have paid or would pay for the following items:

Jeans =

Basic t-shirts =

Knitwear =

Shirts =

Cocktail Dresses =

Classic wool coats =

4. How much/often on a scale of 0-10 do you shop online? Leave a comment if necessary.

5. If you could have anything made for you, what would it be? For example, for me it would be a simple A line red satin cocktail dress with a low back and bow detailing above the zip. Why? Because I saw an expensive version of this dress in Zac Posen years ago and would love an affordable one.

As a thank you I will run another competition either before Christmas, or in the New Year – so thank you so much for answering the questions! ♥  Follow my blog with Bloglovin



  • Reply mika November 29, 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Gotta agree with what you've said! I've found myself in the same situation sooo many times!

    1. living in socal, we have a severe lack of normal clothes. like some black slacks or a simple white t-shirt or anything that isn't cropped or ready for the beach to wear. lack of any good quality basics that don't cost over $50 or that aren't from luxury brands that break the bank. it's basically summer all year long so it's hard to find really simple things in my opinion!

    2. usually shop at nordstroms, asos, newlook, macys. don't really buy from a specific brand just whatever i find that is good.


    Jeans = $100+

    Basic t-shirts = $70

    Knitwear = $30 (don't really need it here in socal that often)

    Shirts = $80~100

    Cocktail Dresses = $60~100

    Classic wool coats = don't own any

    4. i usually only shop online nowadays!

    5. I would love to have a a form fitted black elle sab-look alike dress that i could wear that would flatter my figure. hard for me being 5'8", bigger busted, rounder figure without looking like a big blob in a dress. which is why i prefer to wear skirts rather than dresses, doesn't look good on me at all!

  • Reply emmajreed November 29, 2015 at 10:41 pm

    1. I would love to see more quality coats that don't cost the earth and that are made to last more than one winter.

    2. I normally spend my money in Next, Primark, New Look and Dorothy Perkins. I also love Abercrombie & Fitch and Ralph Lauren and not forgetting Zara.

    3. Jeans: £30
    Basic t- shirt : £15
    knitwear : £35
    Shirts : £25
    Cocktail Dresses : £100-£350 ( yes I really did pay this amount for a dress from Coast.
    Classic wool coat : £150

    4. I shop online, but not for clothes very often. So it would be about a 4.
    5. If I could have anything made for me, it world be the perfect pair of jeans.I am only 5ft2 and have so many pairs of jeans in my eternal quest to find the one.

  • Reply Dreaming in Sequins November 30, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    1. I'm not sure I ever found myself not able to get anything I wanted. (Marketers dream)
    2. I don't spend a lot on clothes relative to accessories. I buy Topshop, RI, ASOS and Penneys.
    3. Jeans -€100, tree ~ €30/50. Dress ~ 200€ coat -~ €300.
    4. (7)
    5. Skirts/dresses.
    Xx Siobhan

  • Reply valeria December 7, 2015 at 9:28 am

    1. I think that every item of clothing is available in a wide price range, sometimes I find myself buying items that are ok only to stop wandering the shops in search for the perfect one.
    2. I buy a lot from Zara and local stores that sell Made in Italy. I stopped buying things from H&M and I rarely go there. I would love to buy some stuff from Max&Co (it's the same brand as MaxMara but for a younger public), it's a lovely italian brand. I love Maison Scotch too.
    3. jeans= 200euros but it was a long time ago! eheh – tshirts= 40 euros (the AA ones are so good, don't remember the exact price) – dress= 100£ for an Anthro one in London (gorgeous) – knitwear = 80euros – shirts= 100euros – classic wool coats = 400 euros.
    4.I would say 6/10.
    5. the perfect black blazer, a versatile cocktail dress that I could wear in a lot of different occasions and the perfect pair of heels…black, suede, not high and with a pointy toe.

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