One coat, Two Colours

There is an infrequent yet familiar brand of magic that happens every so often in fashion – when a savvy designer aptly decides to create two coats within the canvas of one.

Ahem. Dear designer, I really must meet you and heartily shake your hand. You must also create an entire range of custom-made coats for us colour conscious ladies, pronto.

Firstly, it is indeed February and I am rather proud to boast pinkish hues in lieu of the promise of Spring. Secondly, in order to parade my coat I ventured out to meet my beautiful friend Baj (Rebecca to people querying her parents’ ability to choose a name) and together we wolfed a wildly delicious brunch – I simply must show you.

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger The General Merchants

On a non-coat related topic, if you’re from Northern Ireland you seriously must visit General Merchants see url (here) for an Australian inspired brunch that certainly stirs your mind to thoughts of sunny beaches in Melbourne.

We guzzled every delicious ounce, stopping for air and to occasionally ooh-ahh at pretty dogs sashaying past. With strong vibes of the Australian coffee and food scene shaping the brunch options, I am convinced whoever owns this gem of a spot has either holidayed or lived in Sydney, and/or Melbourne.

Basically, you gotta go.

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger

Back to the important topic at hand. Here she is in all of her pinkish glory.

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger
The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger
The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger

And if you don’t feel like donning the pink panther, why not opt for a splash of subtle grey?

The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger
The Small Town Girl Belfast Blogger

Now I think about it, this beauty is pretty much perfect for compact travelling i.e. when you fly to London with Ryanair on a 10kg baggage allowance, are in need of five outfits but struggle to squeeze in two. Thank you dear coat, thank you.

If you fancy snapping it up, shimmy over here. And yes, it is costly but please use the following equation:

Cost of coat (£315) divided by approx. times used (50)

Therefore, cost per wear is £6.30. What even is that in monetary terms, a supersize McDonalds? A personal sized Dominos pizza? source site Serious kudos to anyone with the willpower to order a pizza that small.

So intensely tempting, I’ll leave the decision in your keyboard tapping hands!


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