London: My Blow Dry Experience

When it comes to hair, I have my routine down to a fine speedy art. No rollers, no curling tongs, and no fancy brushes. When it comes to having my hair styled I’ve had more bad experiences than good, which explains why I was apprehensive to give any blow bar a shot. However, when the grease on your head is akin to that of a Sunday morning frying pan, you’ll consider all plausible options to rectify the slick hairstyle you unwillingly boast.

is neurontin an opiate like lortab 1. Show Dry, Notting Hill (here)


Owned by the ultra glamorous Tamara Ecclestone, this hideaway is a hair oasis in its own right. After a stressful morning of woefully navigating heavy rush hour traffic I finally stepped in the door to a truly plush heaven. The girls at the desk greeted me, they were relaxed and very chatty which I loved; their attitude was professional but very warming. Basically, they were anything but snooty.

I sit down, explain what I would like done and the girl nods to signal sure, no problem. I’m offered the use of the complimentary iPad loaded with every magazine imaginable, too distracted by the lady’s Birkin beside me, I politely decline. Then comes buy Tastylia Oral Strip online no prescriptionwould you like any champagne, macaroons, coffee etc… which in a nutshell surmises just how special this place is. They morph something so trivial into an exciting and unique experience; the best way to spend an afternoon with a friend, without regretting it.

Ps. In the mirror you can see a quaint cafe, trust me – it is lovely. Worth popping into if you’re in the Notting Hill area! It is called Granger & Co and you’ll find it here.

I don’t actually have many photographs of my hair after as I was order diflucan without prescription SO busy. As soon as the appointment ended I rushed to meet Dad and head off on business, so please forgive me but trust in Show Dry’s awesomeness instead. Heck, all the brilliant bloggers (ie. not me) use it and walk out with princess locks!

2. Blo Bar, Covent Garden (here)

Panic, alert the authorities, I forgot my hair products. Whilst I don’t use fancy utensils, I do swear by Oribe and without those magical potions I knew the dreaded grease was en route. Lovely. Sitting in The Charlotte Street Hotel, enjoying what was probably my fourth cup of coffee, I decided enough is enough. Whilst I enjoyed my Show Dry experience Notting Hill was too far a journey for my lazy body, which led me to Blo Bar nestled in the basement of the Covent Garden piazza.

After a quick phone call I grabbed the nearest taxi and sped off to one of my favourite areas in London. Last time it was the traffic, this time it was a case of navigating the crowds. Finally, arrivo! Pst, fun piece of info; the Blo Bar brand itself is owned by Gwyneth Paltrow.

Firstly, Blo Bar isn’t as plush as Show Dry but at this stage in the hair game I didn’t care. I was greeted by such a friendly and bubbly girl on the desk, after a casual chat about transport, umbrellas and hair she told me my outfit was so cute; NB, it really wasn’t but this made me like her endearing nature all the more.

I sat down, was offered the usual coffee etc and then was asked to browse their hair menu. Each one is named after a certain look and features a sketch image beside it, oh and it’s pink. Seriously adorable! My stylist bounced over, and cracked straight into washing and styling my hair. She was a dream, so friendly and bubbly. Oh and importantly, so very good at her job.

Blo Bar Covent Garden
Honestly, I left the salon feeling amazing. My hair bounced, it curled – heck, it even flicked! I was told my hair would stay styled and grease free for up to 4 days, but mine lasted from Sunday – Thursday. Seriously, how is that even humanly possible.
So yes, I love Show Dry, it’s a fab experience and is perfect for someone who lives nearby or doesn’t mind travelling further to experience the luxe effect. I however will definitely find myself back at Blo Bar, purely because the girls are so good at what they do and it is located in such a central spot. Parfait!

With a smile on my face, off I bounced round the playground of London as a new fully certified blowdryaholic.

Ps. If anyone fancies opening a proper Blow Bar in Northern Ireland, please shout. I’ll be there ALL the time, pinky promise!



  • Reply Pharmers Journal November 8, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    I use the Dublin Blow Bar all the time, love it! Not as plush as the English branches – no offerings of macaroons or the likes, BUT stress free, luxe and affordable!

  • Reply Dreaming in Sequins November 10, 2015 at 9:57 pm

    You have beautiful hair! There's no feeling like leaving the hairdressers with amazing hair xx Siobhan
    Ah Sarah loving the blog posts yay xx

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