Jo Malone: My Collection

Jo Malone is essentially kryptonite to my bank balance. With her decadent packaging, luscious scents and perfectly presented stores, she’s a force that’s hard to resist. In a sense, it gives life to the saying ‘the struggle is real’ and trust me, I seriously mean that.


Truthfully I can’t remember how the love story began, but I do remember my sister-in-law’s signature scent being English Pear & Freesia. I sniffed, I loved and I caved. I suppose you could say the rest is history.


Introducing, the collection:

I also have Peony & Suede Blush which I LOVE but couldn’t find for the photograph; the joys of owning too many bags. Anyway I wanted to write this post to show you some of my favourite Jo Malone scent combinations; sometimes the scent pairing from store staff can be a little stiff, I much prefer hearing what actual JL lovers layer together.

1. Cologne Intense

Velvet Rose & Oud and Oud & Bergamot. Yep, I am a total Oud kinda gal. Both scents deliver a real depth and punch so they can be worn on their own, or alternatively, layered.

I fell in love with this combination last month in London, trust me the body creme adds such a luxurious finish to the scent. Truthfully, I always thought Jo Malone body cremes were a ‘money maker’ added to the collection to make a few extra bucks but boy, I was wrong. They’re fab, glide onto the skin and really create a feeling of opulence.

Gosh, this is such a sultry combination, for me, it embodies the perfect scent to match any glamorous outfit.

antabuse 500 mg 25 tablet 2. The Minis

Whilst the larger bottles are better value for money, I’m a sucker for minis as they fit perfectly in my handbag. Even if I’m carrying the smallest of bags, I’ll still attempt to cram in a mini Jo Malone.

This combination falls somewhere between daytime and evening. It isn’t as sultry as the previous pairing so I often find myself wearing it during the day. As always, it’s beautiful!

As I said at the beginning, I also own Peony & Blush Suede. I bought this pairing when I was en route to NYC last year and ever since it has continuously reminded me of the glamour of Fifth Avenue, our hotel The Plaza and long romantic walks around Sephora. Otherwise known as, bliss.

3. The Big Ones

Firstly, if you don’t own a Wood Sage & Sea Salt candle, then I urge you to consider buying one. If only they would release this beauty in diffuser form! Secondly, it is such a unique scent and very different from the classics. It pairs so beautifully and richly with English Pear & Freesia, or alternatively with Peony & Blush Suede. I also sometimes like to throw in a dash of Vanilla & Anise for extra depth.

As you can see White Jasmine & Mint is stowed amongst the collection. I bought her this Autumn in Belfast as I found an amazing scent combination that day and thus had to have it. However, being the goldfish that I am, I have since forgotten what that beautiful concoction involved. Me = idiot. On her own it’s a little too strong for me, I think it needs a scent that’ll take away the crispness of the Jasmine which can be quite overpowering.

So, what’s next? I would love to add another cologne intense to my collection. If memory serves me correctly, it was Dark Amber & Ginger Lily *swoon*. Realistically, however, I have no more need of another perfume *sighs*. But hey Santa, if you’re reading I wouldn’t say no to another body creme.

Ps. Please, please leave any scent recommendations in a comment below – I genuinely love to hear what everyone’s favourites are!


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  • Reply Lucy Porter November 5, 2015 at 4:41 pm

    SL… Boy I am glad you are back in action 😀 Have you tried Blackberry and Bay with the Peony… It is quite nice! I think I have the complete collection.. The upside of my office near Jo Malone lol! The Velvet Rose & Oud dry body oil.. please purchase you will not be disappointed it is so gorgeous and makes your skin oh so pretty!!! 🙂 L xx

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