I’m Leaving

Adventure strikes as monotony dissipates, and suddenly, the world bursts into colour.

Where do I start? Where do I stop? Who knows, but you best buckle up.

My hands are stained with the energy inducing scent of coffee. “Do you know this is organic?” chirps the enthusiastic barista. Naturally, I don’t, but her warm eyes and soft smile lead me to join her in conversation. Some minutes later we leave after I sip every drop of my almond macchiato. I’ll never forget that little spot tucked in the middle of regional Australia, of all places.

Melancholy. It’s beautiful, but it’s painful. Weeks of sunshine, balmy evenings journaling to the sound of crickets, waking to the laughter of my niece demolishing her breakfast with ‘that’ unique childlike joy, wolfing down morsels of mouth-watering food, afternoons spent reading on the beach, hikes in the most beautiful mountains and precious time with my family took its toll on me.

I was sold. Hook, line and sinker. The weeks and months following my return home changed me, it sounds dramatic, but people noticed. I too noticed, and I felt the harrowing depth of my yearning for something so distant.

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Let’s ignore my ‘is that salty straw, or hair?’ look.

As time ticked at an almost unfair rate, I knew my love story was both beginning and ending. Queue the sad, tiny violin.

I’m a sobbing,  buy brand provigil Oh gosh I’m not really crying – I TOLD YOU I AM OK .. Ok, please hug me’ kind of crier. Yet there I stood, in the middle of Sydney’s departure lounge weeping like I was 12 and learnt my beloved cat had died.

Traumatic? Yes.

Planned? Nope.

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Australia, you stole my heart.

And no, I don’t want it back.


I originally planned to pop over this month on the tourist visa (for 3 months) with the intention of going back with a WHV (Working Holiday Visa) some time later. Intelligence thankfully prevailed, as did my not so accommodating bank balance, and here we are.

Plans, adventures, schemes and challenges excite me. Every time I mentioned Australia in a longwinded rambling ‘are you high’ esque ramble, my friends and family wanted to batter me. Hopefully, metaphorically, but that’s debatable.

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As it stands my anxious feet will touch base (in Australia) in January.


My plans are virtually non-existent, all I know is that I want to work hard, relish every opportunity to grow and to truly immerse myself in the experience. You won’t find me backpacking, or hanging out in hostels, purely because I want to integrate and throw myself entirely into the beautiful lifestyle that I love so much.

follow site Am I travelling with anyone else? No.

http://ocontoareachamber.com/newsandmembers/?p=95 Am I mad? Probably, but that’s where the fun lies in life. I felt this way when I au-paired, and I can’t wait to taste the sweet feeling of intense excitement once more. Only an adventure can spark such an incredible emotion, and if this doesn’t constitute as a personal adventure, then I’m unsure what will!

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Life, however, isn’t plain sailing. We don’t grow when everything goes our way, nor do I believe God gives me what I want, He gives me what He knows I need. Sometimes what I ‘want’ overlaps with what I’m given, and so the outcome of this remains to be seen. As people, we tend to only truly trust those that are trustworthy, and God is both inherently good and trustworthy – I’ll learn to dwell in that truth, each step of the way.


Finally, the WHV is only valid for one year (or two if I complete regional work). Yes, I can stay for longer if I gain sponsorship via my employer, which could potentially happen given my line of work. But right now, nothing is set in stone and I’m okay with that.

What will be, will be. Until then – may the excitement kick in!

Ps. If you’re over in Australia, or are thinking of going then please drop me a line as it’d be awesome to meet up (location depending I guess). Also – I would SO love to see lots of people before I go, so if you’d like to grab a coffee, again – please just shout!


  • Reply Mika October 26, 2016 at 10:56 pm

    Awww what an amazing experience. I’m sooo happy for you! I totally feel like that with travel. I’m always yearning to leave Southern California and just experience it all. It’s also a great way to see what works and what doesn’t. I always had my mind on living in Japan but once I did I realized that it wasn’t for me or the type of person I am. I thrive in a certain environment and it didn’t mesh well with me, but once I visited Europe I knew that it was where I NEEDED to be. Totally, utterly left my heart there and ever since then it’s all I can think about and work towards. I hope someday to call it home, but until then I am also working my hardest to make that wish come true.

    So happy and proud, hope you have an amazing time and what will happen, will happen. Just work hard and things will come before you, I really wish you lots of success! Australia is a beautiful place, I’ve always wanted to go. Maybe somday!

    • Reply sarahlouise October 28, 2016 at 9:45 am

      Mika! Hey girl! Thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 You’re so right – you completely hit the nail on the head. I guess sometimes we have to take chances, and see where they take us – maybe what we envisage as our ‘end journey’ is actually only the beginning of the real journey, as such. Dang, I bet you’ll come to Europe and I’ll be on the other side of the world. Will we ever get to Sephora and In & Out?!?! Even though I don’t eat meat lolz but we can address that later. Sorry, this rambling was brought to you by an excessive amount of coffee hahaha. Thank you so much for commenting – I love seeing your name pop up 🙂 xx

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