Confession time: I’ve had a secret blog for years. Buried in pagination lies words strung together from a part of me I barely knew existed.
So, over the years I’ve revisited this place time and time again, to create something I too barely understand. Sometimes, you don’t need to comprehend the words, you simply feel them and in return, they too, feel you.

buy  So, here I sit with a cup of coffee in hand listening to José Gonzalez questioning whether I’m sane posting this. You guys probably know that I find writing cathartic, it’s almost an extension of who I am and so, I feel like sharing this with you because it speaks to my soul and I hope it will share quiet words with yours too.



 I’ll be honest, it feels bizarre reading those words displayed on this blog and not behind the facade of my ‘secret’ one. Placing a body of words naturally created from a place of creativity onto a public platform sparks fear and vulnerability in my heart, especially when I’m unsure of what my words even mean.
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 In a sense the theme here is based on freedom, while they aren’t about anyone in particular, they do speak volumes about the emotion of love. While I feel nervous and petrified that someone is actually reading this (i.e. you), it’s incredibly freeing simply because like true love, openly being yourself is raw, exhilarating and wonderfully unfettering.


Finally, peel back the layers and as my good friend said earlier, feel the fear and do it anyway.


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