Caramelised Pear, Pecan & Date Porridge

Porridge. My weakness, my hearty friend and trusty breakfast ally.
Before I divulge how and why you simply must make this breakfast, I need to tell you how ridiculously powerful porridge oats are and why you need to be eating them.

Wow. Can I just state the fantastic fact that oats serve as your morning dose of beauty nutrients.

Ok. Go on. I’ll tell you how!

1. They’re extremely high in manganese, which helps maintain healthy hair, hair colour and supports mitochondrial health. To read more on this, book tab this for later.

2. Oats are rich in iron which aids the development of strong hair and nails.

3. Shock, horror. Your breakfast bowl of oats is high in selenium – a champion nutrient for skin elasticity.

So now your stomach is suitably rumbling, your a little hangry and are probably spouting lines such as ‘Sarah-Louise, just give us the darn recipe already.’ Well, here she is!

The Small Town Girl Northern Ireland Blog Caramelised Pear Pecan Date Porridge Recipe For the porridge you’ll need: (serves 2 – simply keep the rest for tomorrow)

– 100g oats

– almond milk (or any other plant based milk)

– A good shake of cinnamon to help regulate blood sugar levels & boost brain function!

Purchase Tastylia Online No Prescription Let’s caramelise the pears:

– 1 pear chopped into chunks (I used a conference pear, simply because they’re my favourite)

– 1 tsp coconut oil

– 1 tsp cinnamon

– 2 tbsp natural Canadian maple syrup or agave

– a small handful of chopped (pitted) dates

– a small handful of roughly chopped pecans

The Small Town Girl Northern Ireland Blog Caramelised Pear Pecan Date Porridge Recipe
This recipe is easy like a Sunday morning, a sheer breeze to whirl up and totally worth it!
here Let’s cook:
1. Mix the oats, a heavy dash of cinnamon and almond milk together in a saucepan over a low heat. Cook and stir until it’s lovely, thick and creamy!
atarax zyprexa 7.5mg 2. Set your porridge to the side. Now let’s caramelise us some pears! Add the coconut oil to a saucepan: add your chopped pear, cinnamon and maple syrup/agave. Cook until a lovely thick sauce forms and your juicy pear chunks are super soft.
3. Add the handful of dates to the caramelised pear mix, stir in until heated through.
4. It’s time to quickly toast your pecans by throwing them into another clean saucepan. The smell of these beauties slowly toasting makes my heart very very happy.
5. Quick, quick! Heat your porridge through once more until piping hot. Add some more almond milk for extra creaminess, if you wish. Now it’s time to serve. First, pop your porridge into your bowl of choice. Next goes the caramelised pear mix and then finally your crunchy toasted pecans.
Delicious, and nutritious. What more could you want this weekend?
The Small Town Girl Northern Ireland Blog Caramelised Pear Pecan Date Porridge Recipe
Let me know what you guys think, I would love to see any recreations. If you do decide to be super kind and trial this recipe pretty please tag me on Instagram (@thesmalltowngirl) and/or use the Hashtag #SLeats so I can reach out to you.
Oh and you can pin this little one, for your convenience!
Have a lovely weekend you beautiful being. Xo

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