Beauty Buys To Repurchase Over & Over Again

It doesn’t get anymore purchasable than this.

Hmph. Is that even a grammatical thing?! can i buy provigil in canada It is now.

When it comes to beauty I generally speaking am pretty loyal to products that work.

If I’ve used something and love it, I’ll repurchase it on the basis that it does what it says and is worth the money. Admittedly, I would love to test lots of products for you but realistically I am curating a selection of beauty products that are of high quality, are seriously effective in making me go from zombie-like to perky with two strokes of a foundation brush and importantly, are worth the money. 1. Charlotte Tilbury’s Filmstar Bronze & Glow. Buy it:  where to buy Pregabalin 150mg (here)

I very much believe in the power of a fantastic bronzer paired with an epic highlighter. Good heavens it really does absolute wonders for your face, and that isn’t an overstatement. I bought this palette in Brown Thomas in February last year and she is holding up pretty dang well given I use it every single day!
Basically – you really do need it. Anyone I know that I’ve recommended this product to has succumbed to it’s powers because they are impressive powers indeed.

As you can see I’ve hit pan, and my heart may crack just a little the sad day it finally breaks apart into a million tiny beautiful pieces. Don’t all girls mourn the loss of a product they’ve truly loved using?!

Side note: don’t buy this if you’d like a bronzer to add colour to your entire face. The bronze on this palette, in my opinion, isn’t pigmented enough for this, however, when paired with the highlighter it seriously creates and sculpts cheekbones you didn’t realise you even had. For real! Trust me.

If you’d like a good bronzer, I love NARS bronzing powder (here) or (here). I prefer the NARS Casino shade as it’s darker and provides a wonderful allover glow.

2. L’Oreal’s Million Lashes Feline Mascara. Buy it: (here)


If there’s one thing I’m asked constantly, it’s what mascara I use. For years I’ve jumped bandwagons from one mascara to another, mostly because there are so many fantastic mascaras to try and that do genuinely work very well.

Last year I stumbled upon this beauty and I’ve yet to pledge allegiance to another. When used with a simple eyelash curler it creates such a lovely long luscious and thick lashes that instantly lift my entire face. A few slicks of this friend and a large americano et voila, I am alive!

You know what I love the most about this product? It gets fantastic yet consistent reviews. Why? Because it’s such a simple product done right and sold at a great price too.

Whether you’re in the market for one or not, definitely indulge as you won’t regret it. Boots now have a 3 for 2 offer on selected L’Oreal products meaning you could buy this mascara for £9.99 (here) or you could buy three for £ 19.98.

Maybe I’ll trot to Boots to stock up myself! Is it possible to sell something to yourself that you already own, love and don’t need any convincing to buy?! I think you know the answer to that..

3. Oribe’s Gold Lust Oil. Buy it: (here)


I distinctly remember buying this product and questioning my sanity. It’s pricy, which made me nervous as I’ve had a notoriously useless streak with picking good hair products. From one brand to another, over the years I’ve found very little to be of use when it comes to taming my hair.

Dang. I am so glad I found this brand!

You know that lovely salon smooth, luxurious shiny finish we all yearn for? This is the giver of that magic. A lot of people ask me how I style my hair, yet I kind of just stumbled upon my routine. An integral part to this routine is using this product (very sparingly) on damp hair, I then dry my hair on a low heat and after apply this serum to tame and set the style.

It sounds a little odd, but seriously drying your hair on a medium heat seriously does absolute wonders on the frizz front.

A few other Oribe products I love:

Royal Blowout (here) which is awesome for further taming frizz and adding to that salon smooth finish. It is expensive, but it works and gets great reviews. Plus a little goes a long way!

Foundation Mist (here) helps prime your damp hair before styling. I love it as it stops my hair from becoming incredibly static, but it has the annoying tendency to do.

Dry Texturising Spray (here) is probably Oribe’s most revered and talked about product. Not only does it live up to the hype, it smells incredible and adds such lovely texture and body to dead not so clean hair. I take this with me on every long-haul flight, it’s honestly awesome to step off the plane with nice hair!

Superfine Strong (here) locks in your styled hair beautifully. This hairspray is so ultra light which I love, not only does it not create a helmut head of hair it adds a lustrous shine to boot. Truthfully, I am not a huge hairspray fan but it’s brilliant to use for nights (or days) when I feel I need that extra hold.

Finally, I don’t own this product but oh mama I so wish I did. The Signature Mask (here) receives nothing but highly sung praises, the only major downside is the price. One day it will be mine!

4. Creme de la Mer’s Radiant Concealer. Buy it: (here)


Interestingly, this product is an absolute hit for most people but yet others seriously dislike it. I have to say I’m firmly on the hit side of the debate, for me it’s a game changer and when I don’t wear it, I notice it.


The packaging is luxurious, which is only to be expected of La Mer and rightly so at the price-tag. You can see the consistency is lovely and creamy yet the longevity once applied is very much there. My favourite place to apply this is below my eyes. Whilst I don’t suffer from dark circles or much puffiness, I do believe perky bright eyes can entirely change your face as most people look straight at your eyes during conversation.


Thankfully, because of my diet and lifestyle I’m no longer plagued with many spots. However when they do strike I love to use this nifty product as the fact it’s so light and creamy aids brilliantly when you’re trying to conceal screaming bright red spots. Nasty!

If you pass the La Mer counter, definitely try it out. Also, google before and after pictures of the product on other girls.

Ps. One final nugget of awesomeness: this concealer does not crease in any lines or wrinkles around the eye area. Winner, winner!

5. Charlotte Tilbury’s Dolce Vita Palette. Buy it: (here)


There simply is no denying the sheer glamour this quad creates. What I love the most about Charlotte is the fact she creates sensational, usable yet utterly sophisticated products for real women of all ages.


This my friends is a quick swiped version of my favourite smokey eye. Ho-dang, it is so alluringly pretty. I team this combination with her Rock ‘N’ Kohl Eye Pencil (here) along with my L’Oreal mascara. Not only does it create an utterly irresistible I-wanna-stare-into my-own-eyes look, it is simply done and doesn’t require years of experience.

I actually have only started confidently using eyeshadow quads within the last few years, when I was younger they seriously confused me. I remember always swatching them like huh, how the deuce do I apply four shades and not look like Cruella’s uglier sister?!

This Saturday night I will be applying this beautiful palette as I live the Dolce Vita life. Wink, wink!

If you have any product recommendations or questions then please pop up below and chat away. I’d love to chitter with you!


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