15 Things I’d Tell My 18 Year Old Self

Nostalgia and wisdom, closer than ever.

As I step further away from my days of discovery, naivety and youth I move into a different part of my life, and I kind of like it.

It’s funny because we spend years of our lives wadding through teenage dilemmas only to graduate and slip into the minefield of adolescent ‘first world’ problems. I look back and laugh now, wishing I could shake myself and say Sarah-Louise, what the DEUCE were you thinking?
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Pregabalin no prescription Well, without further ado: let’s do this.

see 1. The liquid diet. Don’t do it. Solely soup, water, tea and milk. Seriously, just don’t deprive yourself of enjoying wonderful nutritious foods. It’s dangerous, and it’s stupid.

2. Dior Forever foundation is not your friend, nor are the huge orange tinged lines it distinctly creates around your jawline.


diclofenac überbein vorderfußwurzelgelenk 3. Love yourself. It really is ok to not look like a model (Adriana Lima), have perfect teeth or amazing skin at 18.

4. Your laugh until tears attitude warms my heart, never lose the ability to smile with the world and wholeheartedly laugh at the silliest of things.

5. You are not the exception to the rule. Sarah-Louise, it really is that simple. If he doesn’t appear interested in you, pursue you, respect you or appreciate you then there’s no wacky excuse for why he is in fact secretly in love with you. The fact of the matter is obvious: he’s not into you. Let him go, let the idea go and wait.

Also, importantly: respect yourself. One day you’ll meet someone special that says ‘I never thought a girl like you would like me’ to which you’ll say, ‘I never thought a guy like you would like me.’


6. Spontaneous, full of life and often quite bold: I like that a lot. Forever driving to loud (often questionable) music singing at the traffic lights, hoarding dozens of Elle and Vogue magazines in places your mum wouldn’t find, dressing your cat akin to a baby born and always being the person to initiate and persuade the group to do something probably incredibly daft. Always keep and pursue that spirit of liveliness.

7. You should probably be more on time. As in, missed three flights and one ferry, on time.

8. Lose the road rage, it doesn’t get you anywhere in the grand scheme of things: trust me.


9. Care less for things, and more for people and moments. As you travel live wholly in the moment, opening your eyes to where you are and the beauty that lies in front of you. Shower others with love and kindness, and when you mess up, a simple but genuine sorry is all you need.

10. Your taste in jazz is epic. Miles Davis can cure many an emotion!

11. Getting your ears pierced at the age of 17 probably was the most sensible thing you’ve ever done, along with deciding to not dye your hair that weird shade of auburn popular circa 2002.

12. Both an extreme introvert and extrovert, you are an odd combination of the two and it’s fantastic. Just don’t hide inside yourself for too long. Don’t close the door on people, or lock them out. Not everyone will get who you are, many will but only if you embrace your inner extrovert and push yourself out of your comfort zone.


13. A lover of books, your collection spans from Shakespeare to trashy novels, travel guides and modern classics: this is who you are, keep reading and absorbing as much information as you can.

14. Only you can make the big decisions in life, and only you can carve the path. Sometimes it’ll feel like your feelings flood and overwhelm your very ability to function. You’ll come to a crossroads in life wondering what route to follow, don’t place too much of an emphasis on this. There’s a crazy pressure to choose ‘the right path’ at such a young age, or else your desired future will pan out awfully. My dear, you are so wrong. Whether you go left or right, the journey is only beginning and you can always set sail and change direction down the line.


15. Believe in yourself. So many dreams, hopes and plans yet not enough belief. Grow to listen to your own balanced voice and not the opinions of others. Hone your talents and skills, you might not be the best but it’s the best of you. Run your race in life truly believing you’ll cross the finish line, and never forget: we all have to start somewhere.

So – what would you tell yourself?

Let me know, you know I always love to hear what you think 🙂


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    You honestly inspire me so much, reading your blog gives me an instant boost of positivity and motivation xx

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